One of my tasks from yesterday's GHD post was to start planning my 2021 goals. Although I don't have any concrete plans yet, I wanted to start thinking of ideas so they can stew in my brain for a while. Here are some of the goals I'm considering:

Create a screencast
This is something I wanted to do in July, but it turned out to be more complicated than I originally thought. I don't see myself creating more than one or two of these, but I'd like to try it out.
Enter a game jam
Tiny Tactics is the last game I tried to make. It didn't go well. The last playable game I made was Mini Shinobi all the way back in January of 2017. I'd like to try again in 2021, this time with a big neon sign above my desk saying "KEEP IT SIMPLE!" so I don't try to make something giant in a month.
Write a piece of software for the Atari ST
I got extremely nostalgic when looking at my nineties development setup, so I'd love to create something for the ST. Like the previous goal, I'll need to remind myself to keep it simple.
Release a game and earn at least $1 from it
This is a tougher one, but I think it's possible. There are a million more games available these days, but there are also plenty of places to sell them. I think $1 is doable.
Learn to throw a football
Hey, not all goals have to be huge!
Improve my marathon time
I ran my first marathon this year, but I was disappointed at how long it took me. I'm never going to be setting records, and I'm absolutely fine with that, but I'd like to finish in under 5 hours next time.

It feels good to be coming up with ideas, but it feels really weird to be thinking about 2021.