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Personal Development Resources

A collection of free templates and resources.

Printable Resources

Blog Schedule

A grid that can be used to create a schedule for your blog.

Printable Daily Planner

Breaks your day into 30 minute slots for creating a schedule.

Source: How to create an effective schedule

Project Sprint Tracker

A simple template for use with project sprints.

Simple To-Do List

A very simple to-do list template that works well for keeping track of tasks within a project.

Thirty-Day Trial Tracker

Another tracking template, this time for keep tabs on your progress during 30-day trials.

Source: Progress Tracking and Beyond

Time Tracker

A super-simple sheet for tracking where you spend your time during the day.

Source: Increasing your productivity with a time log

Weekly Goals Tracker

A simple template that can be used to track progress towards your weekly goals.

Source: Progress Tracking and Beyond

Licence and Credits

These files are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Licence, which means you're welcome to share and modify them as long as you keep the original link and don't use them for commercial purposes (i.e. don't sell them).

The b-Alert tracker is taken from "The Power of Focus", and the 30 day trial is a modified version of the habit changer taken from the same book. The scoring system was inspired by David Seah's "The Printable CEO".

The icons are taken from the silk icon set.