Privacy Policy

The Short Version…

I keep your private information private. I don't share your personal information with anyone, and I won't spam your email inbox. Ever.

The Long Version…

I collect anonymous usage data about the web site, which helps me improve the overall site experience. None of this information is used to identify individual users, only to provide an overview of how the website is performing.

What is collected

Like most sites on the internet, the server automatically logs user activity. This consists of an IP address, date/time information, referring site and pages viewed.

How it's used

This information allows me to build up an idea of how people use the website. I can quickly see which pages attract the most attention, and also calculate how long the average visitor stays and which path they take through the site. This can be used to streamline the overall experience, weed out poor pages and give me ideas of what to write about.

Blog Comments

The blog allows you to make comments on articles that interest you. In order to submit a comment, you must provide a name and valid email address. This email address is not published, privately shared with anyone or used to spam you with.

Please note that any information you disclose in your comments becomes public information, so please think carefully before posting.

If you have any questions concerning this privacy policy, please feel free to get in touch with me via the contact page.