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Various bits of code that I’ve written. Most have been used in the process of building this site.

Beeminder API
A PHP library for interacting with the Beeminder API.
Adds functionality for working with Beeminder to Emacs. Can fetch or submit data to a Beeminder from inside Emacs. Integrates with org-mode for submitting goal data when an org task is closed.
Beeminder Ping - WordPress Plugin
A plugin for WordPress that pings a Beeminder goal whenever a post is made. Great for “I need to post more” goals.
Jekyll Archive Page
Adds a custom archive page to Jekyll
Minimal Theme
A minimalist theme for WordPress.
Call a Phing build target from within Emacs
Adds functionality to integrate PHP_Beautifier into Emacs. Allows a region or entire buffer to be sent to PHP_Beautifier
Extracts the currently marked region and moves it to a new function.