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Beeminder API

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What It Is

beeminder-api is a PHP library that makes it easy to interact with the Beeminder API. It’s still under development, but at the moment you can:


First you’ll need to include the autoloader using the following snippet:

require_once '/path/to/lib/Beeminder/Autoloader.php';

Replace /path/to/ with the actual path the API is stored in.

Once the autoloader is included and setup, it’s time to create an instance of Beeminder_Client. After that, simply login using authorisation tokens (either OAuth or the private API token) and then call whatever method(s) you want. Here’s an example of how to retrieve a user’s goals:

// Include the autoloader
require_once '/path/to/beeminder-api/lib/Beeminder/Autoloader.php';

// Create new client
$api = new Beeminder_Client();

// Setup auth (private token)

// Fetch a list of goals for the user
$goals = $api->getGoalApi()->getGoals();

// Output some happy info
foreach ($goals as $goal) {
    echo "{$goal->title}\n";
    echo "{$goal->goal_type}\n";

Projects that use this library

If you’ve built something using this library and would like to be featured here, let me know.