June ended up being quite a busy month for work and went far faster than I had anticipated.

June's Primary Goals

1. Release version 0.2 of The Book

I released two new chapters and added a little polish to the existing ones. I would have liked to have written more, but I'm still fairly happy with how things turned out.

2. Keep running

Motivation for running has been at an all time low. It's hot and humid outside so I need to run before the sun comes up. I've managed it a few times, but my legs were stiff and the whole thing was thoroughly unpleasant.

3. Release version 1.2 of beeminder.el

I didn't even touch this during the month. It probably only needs a couple of hours to finish off, but I didn't make the time.

4. Complete one of my "other goals"

I finally settled on zetteldeft to manage my notes. I've been trying out a couple of other services and systems, but zetteldeft fits my setup nicely. I'd like to write more about this in the future, especially the tweaks I've made and how I take notes now.

Primary Goals for July

1. Release version 0.3 of The Book

I really want to get the section on syntax checkers completed by August. If time (and energy) permits, I'd also like to get the section on using lsp-mode published. lsp-mode is something I've only been using the last 6 months or so, but it's made a huge different to my productivity and I'd like others to benefit from it.

2. Run some more

My weekly miles are going to start increasing now that July is here, so I need to keep on top of things before August arrives. October isn't that far away when it comes to improving my running.

3. Release version 1.2 of beeminder.el

If at first you don't succeed…

Secondary goals for July

1. Complete another "other goal"

Maybe I'll try the art thing again.

2. Create a short screencast

I have a couple of topics in mind that I'd like to record a screencast for. It will probably be Emacs or productivity related, so don't get too excited.

Recording a screencast is something I've thought about doing for a while, but never really felt motivated enough to do. Last week I gave an absolutely disastrous presentation which made me realize my public speaking skills have completely atrophied. I'd like to fix that.