May went okay.

May's Primary Goals

1. Read another book

I read "Mastering Software Technique: Conscious Practice for Writing Software". I've been writing software for a long time, but this book covered some ideas I'd never really thought about before.

Creating small test projects to throw away is definitely something I want to put into practice.

2. Make some art

I drew a few pencil sketches to get warmed up, but that's as far as I got.

Drawing was not as relaxing as I'd hoped.

3. Release the initial version of The book

The initial version of Writing PHP with Emacs is now available. I'd been holding back on publishing in order to get everything "just right", but that attitude defeats the purpose of leanpub. So I cut out everything I wasn't 100% happy with and then hit "publish".

Now the real work begins.

4. Run more

I ran a "stay away" 5K for charity at the end of the month. It wasn't my fastest, but it was top 3 for me which has given me a bit of a confidence boost.

I've also started training for a half marathon in October. Running in the summer heat is no fun.

Primary Goals for June

1. Release version 0.2 of The Book

I've published some minor updates, but by July 7th I want to complete the next major section. I've linked leanpub updates to a Beeminder goal to help keep me on track.

2. Keep running

My training plan for June is pretty light, but this time I'm adding in some pace runs which I've never done before.

3. Release version 1.2 of beeminder.el

It's been over six years since I released the first version of beeminder.el. For the past few weeks I've been working on adding a goal dashboard and details page. It needs some polish, but is otherwise finished, so I'd like to get it cleaned up and released this month.

4. Complete one of my "other goals"

I'm not sure which one yet, but we're nearly 50% through 2020 and I've only checked off a single goal.