October is now a distant memory. Let's see how it went.

October's Primary Goals

1. Publish version 0.5 of Writing PHP with Emacs

Version 0.5 is now available for purchase, or as a free update if you already own a copy of the book. I'm still working on the Serenata section of the chapter, but I didn't want to hold everything else up until that was finished.

2. Start blogging every day

I am just over halfway through my 30 days of blogging goal. It's going okay.

3. Complete another secondary goal

Writing took up most of my spare time so I missed out on this one. Must try harder.

Primary Goals for November

1. Finish my 30 days of blogging trial

Writing every day has been challenging, but I've been publishing something every day. I still have some ideas I want to write about and I think I can make the full 30 posts.

2. Start planning my 2021 goals

Last year I left it far too late to set goals, so I ended up throwing in things I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to do. Covid restrictions also put a damper on a lot of the goals I wanted to do, either through cancellation (my marathon and half marathon), or by making goals not so fun (lock myself in my office for a week? Kinda already doing that).

For 2021 I want to mix some smaller, more practice-oriented goals into my list.

I'm keeping things light in November and focusing on getting important things done well, instead of trying to scrape together my minor goals. October involved a lot more writing than I'm used to, and there are still 15 days of writing left. I don't expect I'll feel like doing much else until December.