I didn't write my September post until the 21st, so it didn't give me much time to get things done. Here's how everything went.

September's Primary Goals

1. Complete at least one "other goal"

I marked "Contribute regularly to an online community" as completed. I've been doing this since the start of the year so I think it's fair to mark as completed.

It's a different experience from when I used to post on forums in the late 90's - a lot of communities are centralized on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter - but it's been nice to talk to other people.

One thing I still want to do is integrate Webmention support into this site.

Out of all the goals I picked this year, this was probably the only one made easier by Covid restrictions.

2. Continue my bodyweight workouts

Not only did I not miss a single workout on September, but I also added some runs to the same days I did workouts. I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to continue the same workout schedule once marathon training starts, but so far things are looking good.

3. Create plans for my bodyweight skill goals, and follow them

I created a spreadsheet to track my progress through each set of progressions, and I added skill work to my scheduled workouts.

September's Secondary Goals

1. Prep for a 30 day blog marathon

I have a list of topics to write about, and I'm sure more ideas will surface once I start writing regularly.

2. Read a book!

I bought some books, but that doesn't count for much if I don't read them.

Primary Goals for October

1. Publish version 0.5 of Writing PHP with Emacs

I've been working on the latest chapter, "Using lsp-mode", for the last week or so. There's quite a lot of information to cover and it will probably be the largest chapter by quite a margin.

I'd like to have it published by the end of October.

2. Start blogging every day

Write every day for 30 days is one of my secondary goals for 2020. I want to have this started before November 1st rolls around.

3. Complete another secondary goal

With less than 3 months to go I need to make some serious progress here.

I have mixed feelings about September. I met nearly all of my targets, but I spent the first few weeks of the month focusing on work to the detriment of everything else. I don't like cramming goals in all at the end of the month - despite how frequently I do it - and it gave me a bit of an unpleasant feeling.

I'm deliberately keeping October's list of goals simple. I'm not a particularly good writer, so I want to make that my primary focus for the month.