I really wanted this entry to be a little more introspective, but it's already September 21st and there isn't much time for that. August was another busy month, and just like July it was so short that I'm not convinced it actually happened.

August's Primary Goals

1. Release version 0.3 of The Book

I published a new chapter of The Book. I'd like to be writing more, but I'm on pace to have everything I wanted written by the end of the year.

2. Bodyweight workouts, 3 times a week

This goal was a big, big success for me. I managed 3 workouts a week and saw some pretty nice improvements: I went from 15 pull ups to 32, increased my push ups to 18 per day, and added some basic dragon flag progressions near the end of the month. I also bought a set of gymnastic rings for incline rows and dips.

I set up a Beeminder goal which made all the difference. Previous attempts at this goal have failed because I would take days off to "rest", or because I didn't feel 100%. It turns out $5 is all it takes to encourage me to work past those problems.

3. Release version 1.2 of beeminder.el

Good grief, what will it take to get this thing released?

August's Secondary Goals

1. Publish 8 posts on this site

Not even close here.

2. Maintain a frog stand for 30 seconds

I made it up to 5 seconds, but it was tough to get much higher than that. I did not practice as deliberately as I should - I set a timer for 5 minutes and then tried to frog stand in that time.

Next time around I'll create a plan and set myself some weekly and daily targets. I've had success with that approach in other areas, and I think it will work here too.

Primary Goals for September

1. Complete at least one "other goal"

2020 is nearly 75% of the way through, but I've only completed 20% of my goals. I need to get a move on here.

2. Continue my bodyweight workouts

This is going so well and I want to keep it going.

3. Create plans for my bodyweight skill goals, and follow them

Frog standing turned out to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. Likewise, my early attempts at L-sits have not been too successful. It's likely that I'll need to integrate additional stretching into my routine before I make much progress here.

Secondary Goals for September

1. Prep for a 30 day blog marathon

There are two things that stop me from writing more: I don't always have a topic to write about, and when I do I tend to go overboard so it takes weeks to actually write.

The plan here is to create a big list of topics I can pick from, and to keep each topic small enough so that I can write a post in under an hour.

2. Read a book!

I haven't sat down and read anything for months. I'd like to change that.