One of my minor goals for 2020 is to try a 30 day trial of blogging every day. The first post on this site was published on June 8th, 2006 (5,254 days ago). Since then I've written 114 posts, which works out at one post every 46 days. I am not a prolific writer.

I've always wondered what would happen if I wrote more often. Would my writing improve? Would more people visit the site? Would I find inner peace? This is my way of finding out.

I am expecting this to be quite difficult, so I set up a goal on Beeminder to help keep me on track. Most of my beeminder goals have a week of mercy after failure, but this one does not, which means if I fail to publish a post I still need to write the next day. I've capped the charge at $5, but if I miss everything it would cost $150. Ouch.

My current list of post ideas has around twenty topics, but I'm expecting to come up with new ideas as I write. So if all goes well, in 30 days time this site will have 144 posts.