I got a little nostalgic after looking at PADD a few days ago; there's a large part of me that misses how I used to write software. I'm happy with my current setup, but I feel I was a lot more focused when using a single-tasking operating system.

After digging through some old disk rips I found two of my oldest projects.

The first screenshot is the source code from Sonic's Adventure, which I think I wrote around 1996. It was developed in Power Basic on the Atari ST and was a whopping 455 lines long.

At this point I was learning that line numbers were optional. Apparently I liked weird variable names too.

Text adventure development in Power Basic

Next up is some of the source from Shining Online, written in STOS on the Atari ST. The STOS editor is not the friendliest I've ever used; it doesn't use GEM so there's no scrollbar or way to view the code without list ing the whole thing. I'm shocked I was able to get anything playable built.

STOS development

And finally, I spent some time setting up a more modern environment to develop ST software in. It uses Teradesk as the desktop shell and Pure C for editing & compiling C software. I have a feeling it would fit nicely on a Raspberry Pi 400 with a bit of tweaking.

New Atari ST development

It was fun getting back into the technology that I grew up with, and I'd like to try my hand at writing some ST software now that I (mostly) know what I'm doing. It might end up as one of my 2021 goals.