October was my first month back on GHD goals after some time off. It went okay.

October's primary goals

1. Finish one primary goal

I spent some time working on improving my processes. This is something I've written about before and it's definitely something I overlook.

My primary focus was on improving my daily workflow; things like automating common tasks and learning more about the tools I use every day.

There are still improvements I'd like to make, mostly around my daily habits, but so far I'm happy with the changes I've made.

2. Finish one secondary goal

I ran a half marathon in October and it went much better than my first attempt. I was still a little slower than I would have liked, but considering I flew back from the UK 3 days before the race I'm pretty happy with my performance.

Primary goals for November

1. Finish another primary goal

There are a couple here that I can get done if I focus on them (and I think focus will be a theme for next year).

2. Finish one secondary goal

Some of these are month-long goals and probably won't get done this year, but there are one or two shorter ones I can work on.

3. Start planning my 2022 goals

I rushed my goal setting for 2021 and I think it shows. I'd like to take a more considered approach for 2022 and concentrate on things I actually want to do instead of what sounds good.