I kept April's GHD goals pretty simple, and it (mostly) paid off.

April's Primary Goals

1. Put my goals somewhere visible

I put all of my goals into FacileThings. They can then be linked to whatever tasks I'm working on. The goals page on FacileThings lists every goal, along with their related projects and tasks.

It would be nice if reviewing goals was a part of the built-in weekly review, but it's still possible to do manually.

2. Research half marathon running plans

I went with Hal Higdon's Novice 1 plan. Originally I thought an 18 week plan would be a better idea, but I think training from June to October might be a little much.

3. Publish a new post on this site once a week

I wrote several blog posts on sodaware.sdf.org that I'd been putting off for a while. However, I only managed two for this site, so I'm counting this goal as a failure.

4. Release a project

I did a soft release of MaxCop, a small utility I wrote for finding style issues in BlitzMax source code. It's not something I expect anyone to actually use, but it was nice to get it out in the open.

Primary goals for May

Release a small game

The last few weeks I've been playing around with developing software for the Atari ST. The ST was the first computer I ever properly programmed, and it's been fun to go back to making things in the same way I did as a teenager.

For May I'd like to release a small game. And this time I mean small.

Research diet and nutrition plans

I played three games of soccer in a week and it took me another week to recover. I'd like find a diet that will give me the energy to train, but will make my recovery times a little shorter.

Finish planning my book

I haven't touched this project for the last few months, which isn't an effective strategy for getting it done. I want to have a complete chapter list planned out in time for my next GHD review.

Write a new post every week

Doesn't have to be for this site, but I want to keep the habit going.

Finish planning my "Other Goals" list

It's nearly halfway through the year and there are still goals that don't have any kind of plan. By June I want to have a rough roadmap planned for each goal. They don't all have to be planned in minute detail, but I want to at least have an idea of how much effort is going to be involved in completing them all.