Here's how March's GHD goals went:

March's Primary Goals

1. Run a total of 18 miles

I expected to be a little sort from playing football, but ended up with some heavier injuries that impacted my running.

Important lesson learned - don't play sports for a week or two before race day.

2. Continue bodyweight exercises and track my workouts

I reduced my workout to once a week whilst injured but didn't track anything. To be honest I didn't really know what to track, although that's not a particularly good reason not to do it.

3. Release a playable game

Total failure here.

4. Write every week

I wrote 5 short notes for, along with a brief post-mortem for Tiny Tactics. A small victory.

Primary goals for April

1. Put my goals somewhere visible

A big contributor to March's failure (and February's too) was that my goals aren't in a system that I regularly see. Ideally I'd see them during my weekly review, and probably more often than that. I'd like to set up a system to make sure they don't get pushed aside.

2. Research half marathon running plans

There are 6 months until race day. I'd like to have a better plan in place than just "run a few times a week".

3. Publish a new post on this site once a week

Writing helped a little in March, so I'd like to continue the streak.

4. Release a project

There are 12 "release something" goals on my other goals list. I need to start actually checking them off if I want to get them all done this year.