How did May's GHD goals go down?

May's Primary Goals

1. Release a small game

Another bust on the game development front. I worked on some game libraries and wrote some path finding functions, but nothing even approaching a playable game.

2. Research diet and nutrition plans

There is a huge amount of health-related information available online, and wading through it all wasn't much fun. I found a few different eating plans, but I think the first step is to start tracking what I'm eating to get a better idea of where I need to improve.

3. Finish planning my book

I have a list of all the important topics I want to cover for version 1. I'll probably slim it down once things get going.

4. Write a new post every week

I wrote a lot of draft posts, but didn't publish every week. I'm still calling it a win, but I should have been more specific and said "publish a post every week".

5. Finish planning my "Other Goals" list

Everything on the "other goals" list now has more information and a rough list of targets.

Primary goals for June


I'll be in the UK on vacation for most of June. My only goal is to relax and spend time with family and friends.