I was on vacation for most of June, so I only set a single goal.

June's Primary Goal

1. Relax

The actual traveling part wasn't great, but the vacation was good.

Primary goals for July

I'm still easing back into my routine so I'm trying to keep things simple this month. However, the year is 50% is done and I need to start making good progress with goals if I want to get things done.

1. Run a total of 35 miles

The training for my half marathon starts on July 15th. I should be running a total of 35.5 miles between July 7th and August 8th according to the training plan.

Cross-training will be bodyweight exercises and swimming.

2. Finish the "Exploring my Emacs packages" series

I have three posts left to write.

3. Finish one other goal on my "Other Goals" list

It's hard to plan which one to work on without knowing how much energy and free time I'll have during the month. Most of them are at various stages of "done-ness", but I really, really don't want to finish the year with a bunch of half-finished projects on my plate.

Secondary goals for July

1. Read another book

I read "Hacking Life" on vacation and quite enjoyed it. As with my other goals, I need to make time to actually do them instead of just thinking about them.

2. Add a page for tracking my bodyweight workouts

I already record these using org-mode (when I actually do them), but I'd like a way to view progress over time.