The intro to these posts always seems to be the same: things were busy and I didn't get as much done as I wanted. May was no different.

May's primary goals

1. Run a marathon

This was one of my largest goals for the year and I'm really pleased with how it went. It was a lot more enjoyable than my first marathon; there were people clapping and cheering for parts of the course which really helped.

And as an added bonus I took an hour off my previous time.

May's secondary goals

1. Write more

I wrote a whole two posts in May. Not good.

2. Finish my Atari ST text adventure

Another failure here. I added a couple of extras to the engine, but it's nowhere playable.

Primary goals for June

1. Complete one secondary goal

I have a nasty habit of leaving my secondary goals until autumn, so I want to try and get more done before then.

2. Complete one session of deliberate practice

I've been neglecting this goal for the last couple of months. Having an outlet to try small projects is something that I find helpful and I've missed having it.

3. Plan my three bodyweight skill goals

Now that I'm not running a bunch of miles every week I want to concentrate on my bodyweight skills. My back really ached towards the end of my marathon, so I'd like to work on strengthening that before I start training again.

Secondary goals for June

1. Write more

I'd like to publish at least 6 posts before my next GHD summary.

I did a lot of work during May but didn't complete many personal goals. Marathon training has taken up a lot of my focus so far, so now that I've completed that goal I'm hoping to spread some energy to other areas.