The intro to these posts always seems to be the same: things were busy and I didn't get as much done as I wanted. May June was no different.

June's primary goals

1. Complete one secondary goal

I completed this goal by accident. At the start of every month I import my finances into ledger using reckon, but the process was a little unwieldy. Each account uses different CSV formats, so I'd have to remember the correct commands to use when importing (which I'd usually forget by the first of the month).

So I wrote a little wrapper script that uses the CSV file to decide on what import command to run, as well as which output file to append it to. It's not exactly a revolutionary tool, but it removes some of the friction from the process.

2. Complete one session of deliberate practice

I wrote some new game libraries using a purely TDD approach. I've written plenty of tests for other projects, but I've never done it from a strict TDD way before. It went well and gave me plenty of ideas for improving my daily development processes.

3. Plan my three bodyweight skill goals

I took some time off exercising after my marathon, but I'm back on my routine of running and bodyweight workouts. My strength is slowly coming back and I've started working on basic progressions.

June's secondary goals

1. Write more

Writing did not go well.

Primary goals for July

1. Complete another secondary goal

There are a few little projects I'm working on that I'd like to wrap up. For July I'd like to complete one of them.

2. Complete another session of deliberate practice

Last month's session went really well and I'd like to try another one in July.

3. Write more

Let's try this again, but as a primary goal. I'd like to publish at least 4 posts before my next GHD summary.

Secondary goals for July

1. Release a playable demo of my Atari ST text adventure

Development on this has stalled the last few months, but the pieces are all there. I'd like to have something playable by August.

2. Release an update to one of my other side projects

There are a couple of BlitzMax tools I've been working on that I'd like to update this year. I'd like to publish a small update to one in the next month.

June was another busy month, with the added complication that I spent a week of it feeling pretty ill.

My biggest disappointment was how little writing I did. I've found that my writing relies a lot on momentum; it takes me a while to get going, but once I'm in the groove I can write a lot more. Lately I haven't really had the inspiration to write, but I noticed that ideas started to flow once I started working on non-work projects.