One of my goals this year is to create some software for the Atari ST. For my first project I wanted to use an environment that was close to the one I used growing up, but with improvements where possible.

The first thing I wanted to improve was text editing. The original BASIC editor I used lacks a lot of features I'm used to: it can only edit one file at a time, doesn't have copy/paste support, and navigating with a keyboard is quite limited.

A full-blown Emacs installation is a little large for the humble ST, but there is an alternative: MicroEMACS.

Editing this post with MicroEMACS

It doesn't have the full range of Emacs features, but it does have some handy functionality:

It doesn't do everything that modern Emacs does, but it's certainly an improvement on the editor I originally used.

MicroEMACS for the ST can be found on