My 2019 Groundhog Day project was 70% of a success. I'm trying again this year and I'm aiming to improve on that figure.

Primary goals for January

1. Finalize my 2020 major goals

I have a fairly short list of major goals I'd like to achieve. I still need to go over the list to see what I really want to do vs what I think I want.

2. Finalize my 2020 secondary goals

This list if much, much longer than my primary goals list. I figure achieving 70% of a lot of goals is better than achieving 70% of not many goals. I'm also trying to sprinkle in some smaller goals that I can use to build "Success Spirals" (as seen in The Motivation Hacker).

3. Set up the 2020 hub page

I want to track the completion date of goals this time, but otherwise I'll keep the system mostly the same.

4. Create (and follow) a release plan for The Book

Although I set (and mostly finished) "Write a small ebook" as a goal in 2019, I still need to launch version 1. By February I'd like to have a solid plan in place and the launch underway.

Secondary goals for January

1. Create a game for FFSJam

I created Mini Shinobi for FFSjam 2017, and it really helped me focus on getting something done. I'd love to enter something for FFSjam 2020 to make up for the complete failure of my 2019 "make games" goal.