2019 is the first the year where I've really made an effort with my Groundhog Day Resolutions; normally I burn out in a few months, but this year I managed to get something done every month.

Major Achievements

Ran a half marathon

I've never been an athletic person, so this goal was a big challenge for me. I'm extremely happy with how it went.

Restarted my GTD system

It's been years since I really put effort into keeping organized. I used Emacs org-mode for keeping track of per-project tasks, but I fell behind on the process and didn't really have a central inbox.

This year I started using FacileThings to keep track of all of my goals, projects and tasks. It's a little expensive compared to some of the other options out there, but so far it's worked really well for me.

Wrote a lot of words

I wrote more posts in 2019 than any other year since I started this site. I would have liked to have written more, but The Book took up a lot of my writing energy as the year went on.

Perhaps 2020 will finally be the year where I write once a week.

Wrote The Book

I'm not a very good writer, so writing a book was a win for me. I'm not totally happy with the initial version, so I plan on publishing some more updates early next year.

I fell into my usual trap of wanting everything to be perfect before releasing, rather than taking advantage of getting early feedback. One of these days I'll finally learn that lesson.

Minor Milestones

In no particular order:


My major goal of releasing four games was a total bust. I started with something way too big which derailed the entire goal. It's a little funny to me that I enjoy making games, but hate running and writing, yet the game goal was my biggest failure.

I would have liked to have released a new version of beeminder.el. It's something I use fairly frequently and I could really use some of the improvements.


Major Goals Achieved: 66%

Minor Goals Achieved: 72%

Primary goals set in my GHD posts:

Month Goals Set Goals Achieved Percentage
January 3 3 100%
February 5 2 40%
March 4 1 25%
April 4 3 75%
May 5 4 80%
June 1 1 100%
July 3 1 33%
August 4 4 100%
September 3 3 100%
October 2 1 50%
November 2 2 100%
December 1 1 100%

Secondary goals set in my GHD posts:

Month Goals Set Goals Achieved Percentage
January 1 0 0%
February 3 2 66%
March 0 0 0%
April 0 0 0%
May 0 0 0%
June 0 0 0%
July 2 1 50%
August 2 2 100%
September 1 1 100%
October 0 0 0%
November 0 0 0%
December 2 1 50%

Overall Monthly Stats

Totals Goals Set Goals Achieved Percentage
Primary 37 26 70%
Secondary 11 7 64%
EVERYTHING 69 48 70%

Summary and Looking Ahead

Looking over the year's stats, I'm pretty consistent at achieving around 2/3rds of all goals I set. I'm not sure if that means I set my sights too high, or if they weren't high enough to motivate me.

I'm particularly happy with my physical improvements this year. I've run nearly 350 miles and lost just under 20lbs. I didn't start the year with a weight loss goal, it just happened as I started paying more attention to nutrition and exercise.

For 2020 I want to avoid having as many goals that involve creating software. It's still something I enjoy, but it feels like I'm stuck in a bit of a groove and need to push my boundaries a little.

I didn't track completion dates for goals, but I'm pretty confident that the majority of them came towards the end of the year. I have a habit of putting things off until the last minute, so I'd like to make some improvements there for next year.