November's Primary Goals

1. Complete the MVP of my book

There's still a lot of editing required, but the core content and structure of the book is now complete.

At this point I think it's realistic to have it finished by the end of the year, with release date in early 2020.

2. Complete at least one secondary goal

I made progress on a couple of goals, but only finished one:

Primary Goals for December

1. Finish version 1 of The Book

There is a lot of work to do. Chapters need editing, layout issues need fixing, screenshots need to be taken and all of the code in the book needs testing to make sure it's accurate.

Secondary Goals for December

1. Complete three secondary goals

I won't be able to complete all of my secondary goals for 2019, but I'd like to hit 75% completion, which is another 3 goals. It will be very tight, given that there are only two weeks of the year left, but I'll give it a go.

2. Set my primary goals for 2020

With only 19 days of 2019 remaining it's time to start thinking about what I'd like to achieve in 2020.