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Bits / 2019 / Bronze Medal Release lispmax module


lispmax is a BlitzMax module that adds a lispy scripting language to applications.

An example of what it can do:

' Create an environment.
Local lisp:LispMax = new LispMax

' Parse an expression.
Local expression:LispMax_Atom = lisp.parseExpression("(+ 1 2)")

' Evaluate it.
Local result:LispMax_Atom = lisp.evaluateExpression(expression)

' Print the result.

' => 3

It currently supports:

It’s mostly complete at this point, although it’s still quite slow and buggy in places. Still, I’d like to release it as part of sodaware.mod.

Goal steps

Add support for floating point numbers

Write a readme with instructions

Put everything on github

Publish on sodaware.net

Write documentation


Bronze Medal Release the project on GitHub and sodaware.net
Silver Medal Write documentation
Gold Medal Add floating point support