Not much time has passed since making my big three resolutions for 2019, but I've made some small progress.

I spent most of first week getting organized. I created a new Beeminder goal for tracking my running and signed up for a half-marathon in October. It's hard to get motivated to run when it's cold and miserable outside, but having a firm run date has helped.

I also created the 2019 Groundhog Day resolutions hub to keep track of everything. It's still quite rough around the edges, but I'm trying to avoid being stuck waiting for everything to be perfect.

Primary goals for January

1. Run a total of 15 miles

I'm still getting back into the habit of running after the holidays. My monthly mileage will have to increase closer to October, but for now I'd just like to build a decent aerobic base.

2. Decide on my first game for #1GAM

Stretching things out over three months gives a lot more time for thinking, but I don't want to be cramming development into the last few weeks. By February 2nd I'd like to have an idea solidified, and possible a prototype or two.

3. Start planning my ebook

At the moment I have a rough outline, but I want to tidy it up and come up with a plan for actually getting it written. I also need to research publishing, promotion and a million other things.

Secondary goals for January

1. Finish the hub page

There's a few big pieces I want to get finished:

  1. Update the "half marathon" goal page to list my recent runs and my total mileage.
  2. Add some detail to the "ebook" goal page. It's too early to track words/chapters written, but I'd like to track that eventually.
  3. Add details for secondary goals. Not all of them need detailed tracking pages.