At the start of the year I set three big goals, but there are also lots of other things I'd like to achieve. I set up a goals tracker page to keep track of everything, but I expect the list to change as the year goes on. For now it's just a simple list, but in the future I'd like to add more detail to some of the more complex goals.

I don't expect to finish everything, but I'd like to at least make a dent in the list. Some of the more important ones I'd like to tackle:

Restart my GTD system
In recent years I've had more projects to track and things have slipped through the cracks. In the past GTD has helped me get a grip on things so I'd like to start using it again. I'm not looking forward to the initial collection stage, but I know it will help once I get going.
Rebuild Craft Roulette
Craft Roulette is a small project I released back in 2011. It took about a week to build and hasn't received much attention from me since then. It's never going to be hugely popular, but I'd like to clean up some rough edges and help it reach some of its potential.
Release pangolin.mod & sodaware.mod
These are two BlitzMax modules I've used for my personal projects. I'd like to properly release them with some better documentation and usage examples. This fits in with my goal of creating 4 games, as I want to release the source code along with them.
Release beeminder.el version 1.6
This is another project I created a long time that never reached its potential. I made some big improvements to it in 2018 and I'd like to finish the job in 2019. I'd really like to make viewing goals more user friendly.

Most of the other goals I have involve releasing projects I've created for personal use but haven't put online properly.