The first month of the year went very quickly (which apparently is a yearly experience for me). Most of my focus was spent on getting myself organized for the year ahead, but I also spent some time working on games. Here's how January went:

January's primary goals

1. Finalize my 2021 major goals

I now have a list of 12 primary goals to complete this year.

2. Finalize my 2021 secondary goals

I completed my initial list, although I think I'll add more as the year progresses.

3. Set up the 2021 hub page

My 2021 hub page is now online.

4. Release Splodey Boats 2000

This took up a lot of time and energy, but it was nice to get a game completed and released. Splodey Boats 2000 is available for download on

January's secondary goals

1. Run 70 miles

I missed one run due to freezing rain, but otherwise I kept to my schedule.

Primary goals for February

1. Finish version 0.3 of Craft Roulette

This mostly involves getting the user-facing forms working correctly and cleaning up a bunch of behind-the-scenes code. My current plan is to have the new version ready for release by the end of March.

2. Finish version 0.7 of Writing PHP with Emacs

The core content is nearly complete, so I'd like to get that finished so I can move on to the "recipes" section of the book.

3. Complete one session of deliberate practice

There were some things I wanted to put into Splodey Boats but didn't have the experience to do. I'd like to spend some time practicing so that I'm able to do it for my next game.

Secondary goals for February

1. Run 90 miles

Weekly miles are ramping up and I need to stay on top of things.

2. Create detail pages for all my major goals

There are a few goals on the list that are a little "fluffy" and need some clarification.

3. Write a post-mortem for Splodey Boats 2000

Post-mortems are really helpful for finding out what worked (and what didn't) during game development. This project went quite smoothly,

January was difficult but successful. Creating Splodey Boats took up a lot of my time and energy, but I'm happy with how it turned out. It felt good to release something this early in the year, and I'm already thinking of ideas for other games I can work on.