January is here. Let's get straight into my Groundhog Day Resolutions for 2021.

Primary goals for January

1. Finalize my 2021 major goals

I have 6 goals planned out, but I'd like to add another few before finalizing the list. I figure even if I only achieve 60% of 10 goals, it'll still be better than I did in 2020.

2. Finalize my 2021 secondary goals

Normally I have around 15 goals for this list, but so far I only have 3. This year I'd like to bump it up to around 20.

3. Set up the 2021 hub page

I'm adding completion dates to my goals this year, but otherwise I'm sticking to the usual format.

4. Release Splodey Boats 2000

Adobe is completely dropping Flash this month, so it seemed appropriate to rebuild one of my Flash games. I'm entering FFSjam 2021 and rebuilding Splodey Boats for Windows and GNU/Linux.

I'll be tracking progress on the Splodey Boats update page.

Secondary goals for January

1. Run 70 miles

I had a marathon scheduled for March, but it was postponed to May. Training starts again this month and I'd like to start strong.