2020 sure was something. There's plenty to say about it, but I'm not the right person to do it. So instead I'll talk about my groundhog day goals.

Major Achievements

Ran a full marathon

I ran a half in 2019 and committed myself to a full in 2020. It didn't go quite how I'd imagined, but I ran the full distance.

Wrote for 30 days straight

My 30-day blog trial wasn't exactly exciting, but it was the first time I'd ever written every day for an extended period. Towards the end I was actually enjoying writing new posts.

Kept better notes

Early in the year I started using zetteldeft to keep notes. It's made my note-keeping experience much more enjoyable.

Stayed (relatively) healthy

I started regular bodyweight workouts in August - tracked with Emacs, naturally - and I ran a total of 600 miles. I don't feel like I'm much fitter than last year, but the numbers say I'm the fittest I've been in a long time. I'll take that.

Minor Milestones

In no particular order:

  • Published the first version of "Writing PHP with Emacs" (and 10 updates to it)
  • Planted some trees
  • Made some art (badly)
  • Got a nice letter from the people at Beeminder
  • Some of my old games ended up on AtariMania


There were two major goals I that I failed at. I really wanted to do a maniac week, but once lockdown measures started in March it didn't seem quite so appealing. I also failed to release a demo of The Game even though I made some good progress.

I'm also disappointed that I had to run my marathon alone. I scheduled a half for October, but that was also canceled. I don't really like the training part, but I do enjoy the actual event.

Given events of the year, it's hard to be too disappointed at things that didn't work out for me. I'm happy that I finished with my health and a stable income.


Major Goals Achieved: 60%

Minor Goals Achieved: 60%

Primary goals set in my GHD posts:

Month Goals Set Goals Achieved Percentage
January 4 4 100%
February 4 4 100%
March 4 4 100%
April 3 1 33%
May 4 3 75%
June 4 3 75%
July 3 1 33%
August 3 2 67%
September 3 3 100%
October 3 2 67%
November 2 2 100%
December 3 3 100%

Secondary goals set in my GHD posts:

Month Goals Set Goals Achieved Percentage
January 1 0 0%
February 0 0 -
March 0 0 -
April 0 0 -
May 0 0 -
June 0 0 -
July 2 1 50%
August 2 0 0%
September 2 2 100%
October 0 0 -
November 0 0 -
December 0 0 -

Overall Monthly Stats

Totals Goals Set Goals Achieved Percentage
Primary 40 32 80%
Secondary 7 3 43%
EVERYTHING 47 35 74%

Summary and Looking Ahead

My yearly goals had a 60% success rate - down from 70% last year - but a couple of my secondary goals were basically filler because I left it so late to set them.

I also did much better on my primary monthly goals, but worse on my secondary goals. I didn't set many secondary goals and they were usually filler like "complete a secondary goal on my list". There is definitely room for improvement there.

My focus for 2021 is creation and contribution. I'll have more information on that in my 2021 kick-off post in a few days.