The Year Progress account on Twitter has kept me focused on my goals by reminding me of how much time has elapsed this year. Unfortunately it has also terrified me at how quickly the year is progressing.

Here's how my January goals went:

January's Primary Goals

1. Run a total of 15 miles

Just made this one.

I play soccer on weekends and picked up a couple of knocks that kept me from running as much as I wanted. The cold weather didn't exactly motivate me either.

2. Decide on my first game for #1GAM

Tiny Tactics will be my first game of 2019.

3. Start planning my ebook

The most neglected of the three, but I made a rough outline of what I want to cover and started collecting material.

January's Secondary Goals

1. Finish the hub page

Adding recent runs and mileage totals to the half marathon page were my priority here, and I got both of those completed. I also added a word counter and some basic stats to the ebook page.

I would have liked to have spent more time on the secondary goals page, but I did set up a better system for adding and modifying goals on it.

Primary goals for February

1. Run a total of 20 miles

I've set myself 3 targets for my half marathon goal. Finishing the race is my number one, and is really the only thing I absolutely want to achieve. I also set two finish time goals: 3 hours and 2:30 hours.

3 hours will be difficult for me, but is reasonable. A 13:45 pace will give a finish time of 3 hours, and my current pace (which includes walking) is usually under that.

2:30 is my moonshot goal. It's not something I think I can achieve without training hard. I'd need a pace of 11:25 to achieve it, and my current fastest pace for short runs is about a minute off that.

At the moment I'm trying to build a base without injuring myself, so I'm increasing my total distance slowly.

2. Add bodyweight training to my running workouts

Muscle strength and good posture will be important as the race goes on, so I want to incorporate some bodyweight exercises into my routine.

I used Fitloop a couple of years ago. It recently became a paid service, although the routines and videos are available for free. For February I'll be adding the recommended routine to my weekly regime.

3. Release a prototype of Tiny Tactics

Having three months to create a game is only useful if I actually take advantage of the extra time. I spent over 70 hours creating Mini Shinobi in a single month. So far I've spent less than 5 hours on Tiny Tactics.

When March rolls around I want to have something playable, no matter how basic it is.

4. Write 1,000 words of my book

Writing is not a strength of mine, so 1,000 words seems like a good starting point.

5. Finish setting up my GTD system

I've been getting back into GTD the last few weeks. So far I've collected all of my papers and notes, and I'm now beginning the "processing" stage of the initial setup. I'd like to have everything processed and organized by March.

Secondary goals for February

1. Finish adding items to my "other goals" list

I'm expecting some new (and old) ideas to come up during my GTD processing stage. I'd like to add the more important ones to my "other goals" list for 2019.

2. Release IFTTT version of Garlic Spy

This isn't something I'm particularly invested in, but there are bits of it I want to use for other projects. It's been sat on my hard drive for nearly a year now without much progress, so I'd like to get it finished up and released by the end of February.

3. Add new backend to crypto-ticker-mode

crypto-ticker-mode is the first proper Emacs extension I ever wrote. It used to fetch data from cryptsy, but that site closed a long time ago so it needs a new backend creating.