I set a total of 7 goals for 2022 because I thought it would be easier. It was not.

Major Achievements

Completed an ultramarathon

This was my largest achievement of the year and the one I'm proudest of. I started with a training plan that was far too advanced for me (I blame New Year optimism) so I ended up using a modified marathon plan. Running 5 days a week wasn't as bad as I imagined and it got me over the finish line.

Running 31 miles in one go was difficult - and quite lonely at times - but I enjoyed the challenge.

I'll probably do it again.

Minor Milestones

In no particular order:

  • Started yoga on a regular basis.
  • Set a new personal best time for my half marathon.


Achieving 1 goal out of 7 isn't exactly what I'd hoped for this year.

I didn't write much and I missed it.

I'm writing yet another "I set goals and didn't achieve them" end of year post which is a bit of a bummer.

Summary and Looking Ahead

I really wanted to work on my game-related goals this year but I just couldn't get into any kind of rhythm. I took on an additional freelance client at the start of the year, and whilst I really enjoy working with them the added workload hasn't always been easy.

My other disappointment was the lack of writing. Once I got out of my writing routine it was almost impossible to get back into.

My keyword for 2022 was focus which I kind-of did, except my focus was not on my own goals. I don't know if that really counts.

I haven't decided on everything I want to work on next year, but I'm quietly optimistic about it.