January's primary goals

1. Finalize my 2021 major goals

Last year was a bit of a goal frenzy, so this time around I'm keeping things simple and limiting my major goals to just 3.

2. Finalize my 2022 secondary goals

Like my major goals, I've really cut down on secondary ones. I was drawing a bit of a blank for what to set, so I stuck to things I really wanted to do. My thought process was pretty much "it's better to whole-ass a few things than half-ass a lot".

3. Set up the 2022 goals hub

My 2022 hub page is now online.

January's secondary goals

1. Publish 4 posts

January was a lot busier than I expected, which meant my writing took a big hit. AKA I didn't write anything.

Primary goals for February

1. Publish 3 posts

February is a short month so I'm going a little smaller with this goal. I'm still feeling a bit of writer's block, but I've noticed that I feel worse when I haven't written for a while.

2. Plan my ultra-marathon

I have an event and training plan in mind - now I just need to figure out the details. I've done a couple of half and full marathons and I'm pretty comfortable with what's involved, but this one feels like a whole new thing and it's making me a little nervous.

3. Decide on a retro game to write

One of my major goals this year is to publish a retro game. Most of my games have been retro-themed, but I've never actually built something on a retro platform. I'm targeting the Atari ST as that's what I grew up with and I know its capabilities fairly well. I just need to settle on an actual idea and go from there.