A couple of years ago I wrote a small bookmarklet for copying Pocket article highlights to an org-mode file. Pocket recently made some large updates to their site which modified the markup and broke the bookmarklet (and also ruined their iOS app).

I've written a new version of the bookmarklet. It works the same as before and will copy highlights to the clipboard, wrapped in org-mode quote blocks.

Drag the button below to your bookmarks toolbar, and then click it when viewing any highlighted article in Pocket to copy notes to the clipboard (tested in Firefox):

Copy Pocket Highlights

The un-minified source is below and can be modified to remove org-mode specific formatting if needed:

let to_clipboard   = "#+TITLE: " + document.getElementsByTagName('h1')[0].innerHTML + "\n\n";
const all_highlights = document.querySelectorAll('.sidebar-anchor aside > div > div > div > button');

all_highlights.forEach((highlight) => {
    if (highlight.classList.contains('inline-button') || highlight.hasAttribute('aria-label')) {

    let highlight_text = highlight.innerHTML;
    if (typeof highlight_text !== 'undefined' && highlight_text.trim() != '') {
	to_clipboard += "#+begin_quote\n";
	to_clipboard += highlight_text.trim() + "\n";
	to_clipboard += "#+end_quote\n\n";

to_clipboard += "*Source*: " + document.getElementById('reader.external-link.view-original').href;