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Bits / 2020 / Improve my half marathon time


Bronze Medal Finish in under 2:22 hours
Silver Medal Finish in under 2:20 hours
Gold Medal Finish in under 2:15 hours

I ran my first half marathon in 2019. My gold target for that was 2:30 hours and I finished in 2:22 which was a huge win for me.

I’m running the same event again this year and I’d like to shave a little off my time. In my last race I slowed down for the last four miles, so this time I’d like to keep the pace going for the entire run.

This time I’ll be training using Hal Higdon’s intermediate half-marathon program. I had a lot of success with the novice plan, but after running a marathon I definitely need to increase my mileage and add some pace runs if I want to keep my speed going.