I've added three new templates in the personal development resources section of the site. This follows up on the free templates first seen in "Progress Tracking and Beyond". After a request to convert these templates into PDF format, I looked around on my PC to see what other templates I could share.

Free Templates

There are three new templates in total. They're very simple, but they were designed that way so it wouldn't matter if I spilt tea on them or made a mistake. The first template is a blog scheduler, the second is a to-do list and the third is a daily planner.

Blog Schedule

This is the template I use on all of my blogs to try and keep some form of order in the chaos. It's setup to use four steps for creating each post, which I outlined in "How a blog article is born".


To-Do List

I usually have a dozen or so projects going off at any time, so I created this little to-do list to be used with any project. It's meant to be as generic as possible, so it can be used for just about anything.


Daily Planner

This little template breaks the day into half-hour chunks that can be used to schedule your day. See "How to create an effective schedule" for a complete guide on creating a schedule that works.


You can find more printable templates in the resources section.

These templates are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Licence, which means you're welcome to share and modify them as long as you keep the original link and don't use them for commercial purposes.