In my last post I looked over my progress log system, and what has and hasn't worked. It's time for a change, but it would be easy to add a tonne of stuff I don't need so it's important that the purpose of the system is clearly defined:

Something to help me stick to my goals, both long and short term, and to help me change my habits.

Onto the requirements:


Paper Based – The main reasons for this is that I find it much easier to modify a paper based system "on the fly". The other main reason is that I find paper to be more rewarding to use when ticking things off. It also means I don't need to switch the computer on first thing in the morning, which would stop the "I'll just check my email" phase that can last hours.

Printable – As much fun as it was to draw all that stuff, it really needs to be printable so I can stick it in a binder and save myself some time.

Bigger System – Ideally it should cover my long term goals as well as my weekly ones, and also my affirmations and intentions. These items should be easy to access so that I don't overlook them. There should also be the potential to add slots for my 30 day trials.

Points Tracking – Points tracking worked well in previous versions of my progress tracker, so I'll be keeping it.

Space for Reflection – There should be space to write down what worked and what didn't work, which I should be able to put in a stack and review when my monthly/quarterly goal sessions come around. There's not much point in writing these things down if I won't be using them.

Weekly Goal Tracking – There should be a space to monitor the progress of my top three goals.

Weekly Review Checklist – The weekly sheet should have a checklist for completing my GTD weekly review. This is more of a system to help me get into the habit of performing a weekly review.

Version 1.0

I'm not much of an artist, so this version is somewhat bland. I fully expect the design to change over time, so I'll be linking to updates from this page.

Weekly Goals Tracker - Side 1 Weekly Goals Tracker - Side 2 30 Day Trial -- Progress Monitor

Weekly Goals Tracker

The first document is the "weekly goals tracker", which takes the place of my old drawable system. It's quite similar to the old version, but now has two new sections. The first one is called "three things to be thankful for" which is another tool for making sure I don't overlook the positive things that have happened in the week. The second new section is a checklist for my GTD weekly review.

30 Day Trial – Progress Monitor

The second document is a progress monitor for 30 day trials, and is geared towards changing bad habits into positive ones.

Licence and Credits

These files are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Licence, which means you're welcome to share and modify them as long as you keep the original link and don't use them for commercial purposes.

The b-Alert tracker is taken from "The Power of Focus", and the 30 day trial is a modified version of the habit changer taken from the same book. The scoring system was inspired by David Seah's "The Printable CEO".