September was a tricky month, but I think it went quite well.

September's Primary Goals

1. Run a half marathon

Running a half marathon was the biggest goal I set myself for the year. I'm not an athletic person and I knew running would be a challenge for me. I set myself three times to beat, with 2:30 being the absolute quickest I felt I could do if I really pushed myself.

I finished in 2:23, better than I ever imagined I could do.

Preparation was a big part of this goal. Running was the main prep, but I also planned out meals and tested various combinations of running gear. By race day I knew exactly what to wear, what to eat before and after, and what to do for recovery. It helped make the day go much smoother and eliminated most worries during the actual run.

2. Complete two secondary goals

I released two new BlitzMax tools: blam and docgen. Blam is a build tool that I use for all my BlitzMax projects. docgen is a fairly small project that extracts documentation from source code so I don't have to type it out twice.

3. Write two chapters of my book

Two more chapters are now ready to be cleaned up and edited. The book is still just a pile of notes and rough pages at this point, but it's slowly starting to coalesce.

September's Secondary Goals

1. Write at least 3 blog posts

I didn't write as much as I wanted to, but I wrote enough to pass here.

Primary Goals for October

1. Complete the MVP of my book

This won't be the finished version, and it will still need editing, but I want the basic structure and chapters ready by November 11th.

2. Complete FOUR secondary goals

There are 13 secondary goals left for the year and 82 days to complete them in. I really need to start crossing off more goals if I want everything done by December 31st.