The Finally Finish Something 2021 game jam finished on Sunday, and Splodey Boats 2000 received a whopping two ratings. Even though they were overwhelmingly positive, I'm still disappointed with how little feedback it received.

I think a big part of this is that even though I reviewed plenty of games, I never directly asked people to review mine.

This pattern is repeated in other areas. I like creating stuff, but I'm always hesitant to share what I've made outside of my own spaces. I think a big part of that is a fear of negative feedback; constructive feedback is fine, but online comments tend to be quite blunt and not all that useful.

I've been spending time on improving how I get things done, but I haven't spent any time on promoting what I've done. As much as I dislike self-promotion, I think it's an important step in improving other areas that I'm working on.

It takes courage to put yourself out there.