April turned out to be even busier than March, so I wasn't able to spend as much time on personal projects as I would have liked.

April's primary goals

1. Create a playable prototype of something

I have the basics of a text adventure engine working, but there's a lot more to do before I'd consider it playable.

2. Release the new version of Craft Roulette

Didn't even touch this. Not a huge loss, but I really wanted to get it done and off my list.

3. Contribute to another free software project

I contributed some changes to zetteldeft.

April's secondary goals

1. Run 115 miles

I stuck pretty close to my running plan, with only a few exceptions due to injury. I feel like I peaked a little early, but we'll see how things go on race day.

2. Plan version 1.1 of Writing PHP with Emacs

I have a list of things I want to include in version 1.1, and I've started research for this new content.

Primary goals for May

1. Run a marathon

Due to Covid-19 this was delayed by two months, so I've been training in some form or another for six months now. It's still not going to be quite what I wanted (no crowds are allowed at the finish) but at least I won't be alone this time.

Secondary goals for May

1. Write more

The last few weeks have been pretty slim on writing. I have a dozen or so post ideas, but inspiration really dried up as work got busier. I'd like to get back in a decent rhythm this month.

2. Finish my Atari ST text adventure

I have some ideas for it, and I have the basics of the engine down. There are still lots of puzzles to create - and a lot of writing to do - but it's getting there. I'd like a playable version online by June.