March was a very busy week for freelance development, so it was hard to make time for a lot of these.

March's primary goals

1. Finish version 1.0 of Writing PHP with Emacs

I added the final chapters on setting up Emacs for WordPress, Symfony, Drupal, and Laravel development. There are some more details I want to add, but the basics are done.

2. Complete another session of deliberate practice

I created a small animation test using GodLib, a C library for creating Atari ST games and demos. It was much closer

3. Finish version 0.3 of Craft Roulette

The final part of the "add craft" form is complete and everything is ready for production.

4. Contribute to a free software project

I contributed some changes to the BlitzMax website and I'm working on some additions to Zetteldeft.

March's secondary goals

1. Run 120 miles

One run was canceled due to storms, but outside of that I stuck to my plan. I don't feel fitter, but my times have improved from last year so something must be working.

2. Read a book

I didn't even pick up a book, let alone read one.

3. Add detail pages to my secondary goals

I added pages for a handful of goals, but not enough.

Primary goals for April

1. Create a playable prototype of something

There are a couple of little demos I've been working on and want to finish up. I'd like to release something playable in April.

2. Release the new version of Craft Roulette

It's ready for release, but I'll probably polish a few more bits and pieces before deployment.

3. Contribute to another free software project

I was working on a couple of extra changes this month, and there are some other projects I've seen that I'd like to contribute to.

Secondary goals for April

1. Run 115 miles

April is the peak of my long runs, followed by tapering before race day. I am ready for training to be over.

2. Plan version 1.1 of Writing PHP with Emacs

There are plenty of parts of the book I want to improve, and there are some new chapters I want to write. By next month I'd like to have a roadmap of future improvements.