My 2021 Groundhog Day resolutions did not go as well as I'd hoped. There were still some bright spots, but I can't help feeling disappointed about how the year went.

Major Achievements

Released a new game (kind of)

I released Splodey Boats 2000 in January. It's a rewrite of a game I created in Flash for Ludum Dare #29. Since Flash is now deprecated I rebuilt the game using my own game framework.

It's not the most exciting experience in the world, but I'm happy with how it turned out. You can read the post mortem for more details on how it all came together.

Beat both my running personal bests

I am never going to be a fast runner, but I still wanted to improve my times. I took about an hour off my marathon time and 15 minutes off my half marathon. I ran more miles this year than 2020, which isn't bad considering I stopped running regularly after completing my half in October.

Minor Milestones

In no particular order:


I struggled with writer's block for a lot of the year; I even took a few months off writing GHD updates which is pretty unusual for me. At the start of the year I was much more confident about my writing, but that slipped away and I just couldn't seem to create anything worth publishing.

There were a lot of goals that I didn't even get started on. Just looking at the list now I can't help but be annoyed that it's December 31st and I couldn't even put the effort into some of the smaller ones.


Major Goals Achieved: 41%

Minor Goals Achieved: 33%

Primary goals set in my GHD posts:

Month Goals Set Goals Achieved Percentage
January 4 4 100%
February 3 2 67%
March 4 4 100%
April 3 1 33%
May 1 1 100%
June 3 3 100%
July 3 0 0%
August 0 0 -
September 0 0 -
October 2 2 100%
November 3 3 100%
December 3 3 100%

Secondary goals set in my GHD posts:

Month Goals Set Goals Achieved Percentage
January 1 1 100%
February 3 3 100%
March 3 1 33%
April 2 2 100%
May 2 0 0%
June 1 0 0%
July 2 0 0%
August 0 0 -
September 0 0 -
October 0 0 -
November 0 0 -
December 0 0 -

Overall Monthly Stats

Totals Goals Set Goals Achieved Percentage
Primary 39 23 59%
Secondary 14 7 50%
EVERYTHING 53 30 57%

Summary and Looking Ahead

For the last few years I've achieved about 70% of the goals I've set. I went into 2021 with the idea that if I set more goals, I'd get more done. After all, completing 70% of 10 goals is better than 70% of 5 goals.

That approach seemed like a good idea at the time, and in some ways it worked well. Goal-wise I completed more primary goals than I set than in 2020, but overall I feel really disappointed with what I actually did.

I think part of my disappointment is because most of the goals I achieved didn't really build up to anything - they were just some stuff that I did. This was mostly because I rushed and set goals that seemed like they'd be interesting and achievable, rather than because they built towards any sort of target.

2022 contains a milestone birthday for me - I turn 40 in October - so I'm feeling a little more reflective about the New Year. 2021 was supposed to be about creation and contribution, and although I did both I don't feel like I did enough of either.

My focus for 2022 is just that: focus. I'm going for a much smaller set of goals, but they're all ones that I feel will build towards something greater over the next few years.