Last year I took part in a 30 day blogging trial. It went pretty well, so this year I'm aiming for 100 posts over the course of the year. There's less pressure when publishing twice a week, but I'm finding it harder to write on this schedule.

I think this is related to my game development struggles; I've written games in 48 hours, but give me a month to do it and suddenly I fall apart.

There are some advantages to writing twice a week. I can spend additional time writing more detailed posts. There were some things I wanted to write about during my 30-day sprint that I didn't have the time to do. With a full week I can give them more attention they need.

However, on the twice-weekly schedule I'm rejecting more ideas and leaving more posts in the "draft" folder. Having that daily deadline pushed me to get ideas out the door as I didn't have time to get them "perfect". I think that's probably true of all my creative work.

Ideally I'd like be able to mix in daily writing with longer posts. I found daily writing to be helpful when exploring ideas, but it requires a lot of time and mental energy. I might end up with a hybrid approach where I post daily for a week and then write a longer article the week after.