The full list of entries to the ProBlogger group project on goals have been posted, and there are plenty of articles to read!

Personal Favourites

  • Sabine Kirstein over at CT Biz Blogs wrote a nice introduction on goals for new bloggers. I highly recommend checking out the rest of the site too, there‚Äôs a lot of really useful information tucked away.

    One point I would have added was to make sure you're passionate about the subject before you start blogging about it. Some may think of passion as the fuel that drives you, but it's also useful to think of it as the oil in the engine - you can run without it for a short time, but eventually you'll grind to a halt.

  • Helen at "Trying to Become Athletic" posted ten goals that focussed on becoming a fitter person, and sharing the experience and insight with others. Being able to share your knowledge is one of the advantages of blogging, and having a blog can also give you a boost because you want to learn so you can write about it.
  • Despite having a rather long title, "35 days left to kill this blog - this is what I call a killer Blog Goal" from Jack at Blog 4 Bloggers had a nice big goal of earning $1,000 a month from AdSense within twelve months. If he doesn't make it, he'll delete his blog! Now that's double-barrelled motivation!

Even more entries

There's a permanent page with all the entries over at ProBlogger. There's a lot of them to read, but you're bound to find something that inspires you. Check them out!