I've finished my second week of using daily positive affirmations, which wasn't as eventful as the first week. Here's a look at my observations so far:

What's working?

I still get a positive boost when reading them in the morning, and they're still helping me through sticky situations.

I'm still surprised by just how effective they can be at times, and I often find myself repeating my affirmations if I'm feeling low. They don't completely remove the negativity, but they certainly make a difference.

What's not working?

Although I look at my affirmations twice a day, they're still not as ingrained as I'd like them to be. There are still times when they don't seem to work, and I think this problem could be solved by exposing myself to my affirmations more often.

Some affirmations are working much better than others, and I've found that short, simple and focused ones work much better for me.

What's going to change?

I've got six affirmations, which I'm going to tweak slightly. A few are a little too verbose, and some overlap a little in their intent. I'm also going to increase the regularity at which I read them, and make a small card to carry around with me.

So far this experience has been quite eye-opening. I always suspected affirmations would have a positive effect, but I never got around to trying them out. The results I'm getting so far are certainly encouraging, and I'm hoping these tweaks will improve my performance.