It's been over seven years since I wrote my first post on this blog. In those seven years I've averaged a whopping post every two months. I don't think anybody could accuse me of writing too much.

When I first started I quickly fell into the trap that every post had to be useful. It sounds logical, but what it actually means is I've ended up with a folder full of drafts and not much else.

Lately I've been reading through my old writings. Over the years I've kept journals, written blog posts and kept various activity streams. Going back to them was enlightening (to say the least), and it made me a little sad that I hadn't written more.

The funny thing is that I actively try to avoid writing about myself on this site. Funnier still is that I deliberatly bought a domain with my name in it to force me to write about myself.

Starting again. Kind of.

Last year I converted the main site to Jekyll. Previously it was just a bunch of custom PHP files which meant adding new content to the site was a bit of a pain. After the conversion everything on the front end is kept in plaintext (org-mode formatted) and then built using Jekyll.

One side effect of the conversion was I felt much more comfortable editing and adding content. I've decided to see if this effect will work on other areas, so of today the blog is now built using the same process.

There's still a few other things I want to get working, but I didn't want to get stuck in the whole perfection-procrastination loop. I don't really know where I'm going with all this, but I think I'm starting to appreciate that the process is as important as the result.