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Bits / 2021 / Take part in a maniac week


Bronze Medal Complete a maniac weekend
Silver Medal Complete a maniac week
Gold Medal Complete at least 50% of tasks I set

I first heard about the idea of “Maniac Week” from the Beeminder blog. I really like the idea of setting aside an entire week to focus all of my productive energy.

I’ve taken part in a couple of game jams and I’m always surprised about just how much I manage to get done. I’d love to focus that kind of energy on something a little larger.

For my maniac week, I’d like to live-stream it in some kind of way. I don’t think watching me work is particularly interesting, so it might be limited to regular text updates and screenshots. I’ll be experimenting with setups during my maniac weekend.

One thing that slightly worries me is that a week is maybe too long for this kind of thing. When there are only 48 hours there is no choice but to focus. When there are 168 hours there might be the temptation to put things off. We’ll see.