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Bits / 2020 / Bronze Medal Increase my 2019 income



Bronze Medal Increase my income by 25%
Silver Medal Increase my income by 50%
Gold Medal Double my 2019 income

Last year my freelance earnings were down about 25% on the previous year. There were a couple of different reasons for this: work was a little slower, some major projects were completed in 2018 and (if I’m being honest) I got a little complacent towards the end of the year.

For 2020 I’d like to increase my 2019 income by at least 25%. I’d also like a portion of my income to come from “passive” income sources rather than direct pay-by-the-hour work. I expect my only passive source will be sales from my book, but I’m investigating other options.

I don’t particularly enjoy writing about earning money, so I don’t think this goal will be mentioned much in my monthly GHD posts.