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Bits / 2019 / Gold Medal Upgrade sodaware.net


sodaware.net has been going since 2005. Originally it was a collection of php files with a little bit of database access thrown in. Then it moved to a CMS platform called etomite, but with a blog powered by WordPress.

After a couple of years I updated the entire site to run on WordPress.

In 2016 I rebuilt the site (again) to run on a combination of Middleman and Jekyll. Since then I haven’t really worked on things, and it’s starting to show.

If you thought the build process for this site was convoluted, look away now.

To publish a new post, I have to:

I only write a few posts a year so it’s not a huge burden, but it still feels like the whole site is stuck together with sticky tape and hope.

There’s also a lot of pages that are built by hand when they could be built automatically. Data for projects and libraries also has to be updated manually.

For 2019 I’d like to make a couple of improvements:

Goal steps

Evaluate replacing Jekyll with middleman-blog

Evaluate Hugo

Create git hook to rebuild site when files are committed

Setup a cron job to rebuild site regularly

Setup a cron job to rebuild data sources

Update server to automatically renew SSL certificates

Create a script to setup a server with all of the above features


Bronze Medal 33% of goal steps complete.
Silver Medal 66% of goal steps complete.
Gold Medal All goal steps complete.