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Bits / 2019 / Bronze Medal Release IFTTT version of Garlic Spy


garlic_spy is a tiny api for querying the garlicoin blockchain.

I want to allow it to send notifications when an address receives a payment. IFTTT is a popular platform that supports generic webhooks, which makes it a good fit (and means I don’t have to write email notifiers).

For 2019 I want to release an updated version of garlic_spy that lets users set up “watchers” to listen for address transactions.

Goal steps

Add dashboard for watchers

Add wizard for creating address watchers

Run IFTTT hooks in background jobs

Add a status page

Add server monitoring

Add some help documentation

Optimize the database

Enable open registration

Have 100% test coverage


Bronze Medal 33% of tasks complete
Silver Medal 66% of tasks complete
Gold Medal 100% of tasks complete