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Bits / 2019 / Silver Medal Rebuild Craft Roulette


Craft Roulette is a tiny site I released in 2011. I threw it together in a week and haven’t really done much with it since. Every year I say I’ll work on it, so 2019 seems as good a time as any.

Things I’d like to do:

  1. Rebuild the site using a modern framework instead of my own PHP framework.
  2. Rebuild the blog to use Jekyll instead of WordPress. It really doesn’t need to be more than a few static pages.
  3. Make it easier to add new crafts
  4. Make it mobile friendly

It’s not a high priority, but I’d really like the site to reach some of its potential.

Goal steps

Create a list of features for the updated site

Create a task list and break into milestones

Rebuild the blog in Jekyll

Rebuild the main site in Rails

Replace the existing blog with the new one

Replace the existing site with the new one

Update everything to use HTTPS


Bronze Medal 33% of tasks complete
Silver Medal 66% of tasks complete
Gold Medal 100% of tasks complete